Middleway Conservancy
Jefferson County, West Virginia
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The Legend of Wizard Clip

Middleway, is also noted for its legend of Wizard Clip.  Many people still refer to the village as "Clip."   In the 1770's Adam Livingston, a Lutheran, moved with his family from Pennsylvania to a farm northwest of present Middleway.  Although they prospered at first, some time prior to 1790 strange events began to afflict the family.  Unusual noises and voices were heard in the house, crockery was thrown on the floor, and rocks were rolled across the rooms when no one could have done these things.  There was a persistent clipping sound and clothes were mysteriously cut into pieces, boots and harnesses were cut up, and the pieces were said to be in a crescent shape.  These troubles seem to have continued for several years.  Adam Livingston sought help from various Protestant ministers to no avail.  Eventually, Adam had a dream in which there appeared a church and a figure dressed in a black robe, whom he later identified as a Roman Catholic priest he saw in Shepherdstown.  Following several visits by town priests, Father Cahill and Father Gallitzin, who said prayers and celebrated Mass in the Livingston house, the voices and strange activities slowly ceased.  Adam Livingston later converted to Catholicism, and donated about 35 acres of his farm to the Church, which is now a Catholic pastoral center known as Priest Field.
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